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Romance & Profile Hacking Scams

Romance Scams:

Sometimes known as "catfishing", scammers set up fake accounts on social media or dating sites and apps to establish fraudulent relationships with legitimate site users.  They string their victims along with promise of a relationship, but never seem to be able to meet in person.  Once the relationship with the victim progresses, the scammer will ask for money or hint they're having money troubles.  You may hear something along the lines of, "I don't know what I'm going to do.  I don't have enough money for rent, and it's due soon" or "please help my loved one, they need emergency surgery."  Once they have what they want, they disappear.  Be hyper vigilant about who you meet online and be wary of sending money to strangers.

Profile Hacking Scams:

In these instances, a fraudster will use a hacked social media account and instant message people in the victim's network, posing as the victim.  They might ask for money to be wired and promise to pay it back.  Always verify these requests by speaking directly to the person who's supposedly sending the message.  If you can't contact them directly, verify what you're being told with friends or others who are close to the person in question.

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